How to Start my Journey?

3 Questions to Consider

Long-Term Career in Germany?

8 Months of Training Without Salary?

100% Commitment to your Success?

If you think you can manage all these three (3) questions, then, let's proceed!

1. Sign up for the job

You will be requested to fill in some basic information about you and your work experience and to attach your resume/CV so that our representative can initially review your credentials and contact you to discuss your application.

From there, you will also receive an acknowledgment email where you will be requested to submit/fill in an Employment Application Form:

    1. Copy of your Passport
    2. Copy of your PRC ID (front and back)
    3. Screenshot of your PRC Verification of License  (by license number)
    4. Copy of your Bachelor Diploma

2. Be available for a call/interview

Upon evaluation and verification of your details and application, our representative will start contacting you on any means of communication that you have provided. Please keep your devices attended always.

In case you only have limited time available and you cannot attend to unscheduled contact attempts by our representative, you can schedule an appointment with us instead.

3. Attend Preliminary/Final Interviews with our German partners

Now that we think you are ready and you are well informed about job and the whole offer, we will send you for interviews with our German partners!

We will do further briefings before the interviews to discuss more of your questions/concerns about the job, possible interview questions, and confidence building to ensure your success in the actual interviews.

Interview sessions are usually done through Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We will also make sure we will have a smooth interview by checking all the technical aspects in the interview.

Results will immediately be provided the day after the interviews so we can start preparing you for onboarding.

Let us power your Success!

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