German Language and Culture Training Program

Our partner, GigaLingua (the Language training department of  GigaMare Inc. ), will be taking care in regards to preparing our Nurses for the language requirement to secure a Nursing career in Germany, that is the B1/B2 TELC Deutsch Pflege. We believe that by providing a focused learning environment and eliminating possible distractions (i.e. traffic in commuting, internet and power interruptions), we can increase the success rate for our Nurses not only in the language preparation, but also for a smooth landing and living in Germany.

Program Structure Based on CEFR Standard

6 Weeks
German Level A1

168 hrs / 224 Units, with A1 internal level assessment at the end of the training

6 Weeks
German Level A2

168 hrs / 224 Units, with A2 internal level assessment at the end of the training

12 Weeks
German Level B1 Pflege

290 hrs / 385 Units, with B1 internal level assessment at the end of the training

8 Weeks
German Level B2 Allgemein

224 hrs / 290 Units, with B2 Pflege Official assessment at the end of the training, still in the campus

The program is designed to be progressive that you cannot go up to the next level of language training if the school thinks you are not ready to do so. That is why each time you finish a level, the school will evaluate your actual proficiency where they will base their decision if you can advance, or if you still need to stay. Our main goal here is only to provide you with the success that you want and need, that is why we ensure we only do the best for you.

Campus Location vs our Office

There will be a transportation service to be provided en-route Manila to the campus on your first day of training. If you are coming from the Airport, the school's coordinators will arrange your shuttle service depending on your arrival schedule.

The Campus